Vassos Eliades Accessories Ltd is a member of the Vassos Eliades Group of Companies. It was originally operating as a department within Vassos Eliades Ltd until it was separated in 2009.

Vassos Eliades Accessories Ltd is an agent, distributor and retailer of the world’s most prestigious Haute Horologerie and Haute Joalerie brands and the company is proud to represent Cartier, Breguet, IWC, Jaeger Le Coultre, Zenith, Damiani and many others on the island.

The company operates four retail shops called VE Very Exclusive, at prestigious locations on the island. One at 27A Stasikratous Street in Nicosia, one at the Qblu Plaza within the Radisson Blu Hotel in Larnaca, a store at 221 Makarios Avenue in Limassol and a brand new one in the Amara Hotel in Limassol.

VE Very Exclusive stores take you a few steps closer to Place Vendome, the Parisian home of luxury watch and jewellery brands. For the lovers of fine jewellery and luxurious accessories, VE Very Exclusive brings to you incredible diamond creations, from prestigious jewellery brands as well as timepieces from international Maisons that can only be described as works of art.

VE Collectors Club

November 2003 marked the first meeting of admirers of Haute Horlogerie, organised by the Vassos Eliades Group who founded the Collectors Club. The supporters of this high art, though few at the time, gathered to honour famed brand Jaeger-LeCoultre at the first meeting of the Club.

The aim was not so much to concentrate on a specific brand, but rather to allow fans to share their passion and exchange information about recent masterpieces in the world of watches. There followed many meetings since then, and the number of watch enthusiasts grew each time. Currently there are more than 150 members and there are two to three meetings each year, held at luxurious locations each time.

These meetings provide a chance for representatives of famous high-end watch brands to present special seminars for the Club members, the topics of which center naturally, on watches. One of the main goals of the Collectors Club is to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of news and ideas, so that watch lovers and collectors can immerse themselves in their hobby.

Members of the Club enjoy many other benefits from the meetings beyond the discussions themselves. Their enjoyment also comes from the ability to talk in person with acknowledged experts in the watchmaking field as well as many other CEOs of globally renowned watch brands.

Members are not charged for their participation in these valuable seminars and they are also entitled to enter competitions which give them a chance to travel to the headquarters of one of these fine watch brands, as part of a unique experience that is sure to fuel their passion for watches and enrich their knowledge. Finally, the Collectors Club provides members with constantly updated news from the world of watchmaking.