“Damiani was founded in 1924 by my grandfather Enrico in Valenza, the heart of Italy’s most important gold district. He soon became the jeweler to noble families of the time, creating unique masterpieces of refined craftsmanship. The Princes and Princesses of the Italian Royal Family also turned to Damiani for their most exclusive creations. Damiani is the only international brand that has continued to design and produce jewelry since it was founded, and is one of the very few high-end jewelry brands to be managed to this day by the founder’s family, ours, now in its third generation. We are completely in harmony because of the great passion that unites us in managing the company founded by our grandfather. DAMIANI is not just the name of the company but, first and foremost, that of our family – the name of my grandfather, who founded the company, my father Damiano, who gave it its original personality, us siblings, who are now promoting its international growth, and our children, who we hope will write a new chapter in our history. That’s why the main driver behind our strategic choices is an unparalleled passion that, for nearly a century now, has merged with our savoir faire, tradition and success, to build a solid future and create truly unique jewelry. My brother Giorgio still personally selects the precious stones for the masterpieces that will become ambassadors of Italian jewelry excellence after he has checked them personally one by one. Through our design, Damiani can claim to be the only jewelry company in the world to have won as many as 18 Diamonds International Awards, the Oscar of the international jewelry world, including two designed by Giorgio himself, one by our mother Gabriella, who still likes to converse with our most loyal customers, and one designed by my sister Silvia, who has always been the heart and soul of Damiani’s award-winning communication and the primary point of contact for the numerous celebrities who are passionate about our creations. The brand is an attentive interpreter of a historic heritage that fully respects tradition. Every Damiani jewel is the result of a meticulous creative process and unique design, alongside great attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship and the use of high quality gems. Even today, the jewels are made by hand in Italy. With Damiani’s strong identity, great craftsmanship and original designs, all brought to life by an unwavering passion, every piece of jewelry is guaranteed to be a unique and an unrepeatable work of art.”

Guido Grassi Damiani, President of the Damiani Group