Belle Epoque

A tale about diamonds and precious stones that celebrates the timeless charm of the greatest Hollywood divas of all time, muses that inspired an exclusive collection with a sophisticated and magnetic flair.   


Inspired by the design created by Brad Pitt in the 2000s, the D.Side collection is now enriched with colliers, sautoirs, earrings, bracelets and rings that convey a contemporary and playful attitude, thanks to the use of fine materials, such as onyx, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli and malachite. 


The latest evolution of the Valenza artisans’ goldsmith art; the most poetic intersection of ceramics, gold and diamonds in a collection proposed in white, black, brown, baby blue, cappuccino and candy pink. The elegant design interprets the D of Damiani in a modern twist in white gold and rose gold embellished with a diamond, while the pavé version features full-cut diamonds. 


The jewels of the Margherita collection are the guardians of the point where tradition and contemporary design meet. Inspired by the ring that Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated to Queen Margherita in the early 1900s, they blend the wisdom and savoir-faire of Valenza’s master goldsmiths into a modern style. 


 Characterised by a captivating and modern design, Metropolitan jewellery is the maximum expression of simple and refined contemporary taste. The clean aesthetics and minimal lines enhance their unique texture, distinguishing the particular craftsmanship of the gold inset with shimmering diamonds.