Precision through Ingenuity: A Tale of Timekeeping Evolution for 170 Years. 

Technology is driving the world at unfathomable speed. For watchmaking manufacture Ulysse Nardin, it has captained its course for almost two centuries. Calculating the waning and waxing of the moon to harness time and tides with exactitude, Ulysse Nardin changed how the world told time. Innovation upon innovation, it steers the craft into the future, marrying the age-old art of high horology with transformative technology, astounding with breakthrough performance and original design.  

Some of the most notable accomplishments include the introduction of iconic timepieces like the 1996 Perpetual Calendar, where the calendar can be set forward and backward with ease and is the root of this timepiece family; and the 2001 Freak, which tells time by its movement, not by its hands. The Freak set the stage for Ulysse Nardin’s presentation of novel mechanisms. And, it is the Marine collection that anchors Ulysse Nardin’s past to the ocean while casting its seafaring skills on today’s exemplary Marine Diver and Marine Chronometer. 

As Ulysse Nardin celebrates its 170th year, it does so as an imaginative futurist, uniting its exploratory nature with its expertise to clear the path for more inventiveness; innovative elements once reserved for milestone pieces are making their way into core collections. The beholder of six exquisite families of watches and the greatest number of patents in mechanical watchmaking, Ulysse Nardin will flow forward, stretching the limits of design, engineering, and technology, and, of course, surprising watch enthusiasts around the globe.  


Ocean at largeThe Marine collection celebrates the Maison’s century-long history dedicated to nautical chronometers. 

Essence of exploration: The Diver accompanies all the Sea adventurers. 

Laboratory on the wrist: The Freak is literally a laboratory on the wrist. 

Just audacity: The Executive reveals all its audacity in terms of design and technicity. 

Spirit of Manufacture: The Classico pays a respectful homage to the most revered watchmaking traditions and know-how.